Welcome to Atlas Dies Ltd

45+ years of experience

Atlas Dies Ltd have manufactured cutting formes since 1976. With some of the most experienced and highly skilled engineers in the country, along with a guaranteed distribution network, Atlas provides cutting dies to the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

Atlas provides key solutions within the supply chain and are long implementers of contingency planning including failover engineering services within the same plant. This has driven them through contingency planning requirements from small printers and print finishers, through to multinational corrugated convertors and car part manufacturers. With production line impact from machine, network or internet faulting reduced to a minimum, companies requiring reliable additions to their supply chain, including documentation, are fully catered for.

From quotation through production to despatch, Atlas manages its client projects using their fully integrated Business Process Management System, ensuring rigid production timing, consistency in quotations and full product tracking from inception to completion. The BPM system links directly into Impact CAD, enhancing the manufacturing process for all cutting formes engineered through least cost routing, livestock checking and rapid order processing – all leading to a more quickly produced, reliable and ultimately more cost effective product.