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In addition to cutting forme/die board production, we offer complete service from preliminary design consultation to CAD drawing, product prototypes, high specification ruling resulting in the end product.   Along side this we also provide a planing/skimming service.

We have been at the forefront of producing multi-layer membrane keyboard formes since our beginning in the 70’s.  Our knowledge in this field ensures accuracy and consistency.

We produce extremely accurate flexible circuit tools. Working closely with our clients has enabled us to acquire a huge amount of experience allowing accurate tolerances and specifications to be achieved.

We have the ability to produce VAC Forming and Roller Press formes, using high rule up to 100mm for all your conversion needs.

Our long running department is able to produce all steel blade knives for the cutting of leather, which due to their heavy gauge steel nature are also able to cut thick rubber and other difficult materials.

We offer a skimming services for both nylon and polypropylene up to 600mm width

We have the capacity to produce tooling for many other sectors and any machines even hand operated machines.

We also have small clicker press machines that enable us to cut short runs or testing of materials for you.

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We have produced cutting formes for this sector for many years.  Our service became paramount during the Pandemic being a Critical Supplier for the demand of face masks/shields.  We also produce formes for storma bags and other medical equipment.

We can produce wood-based cutting and creasing tools to the print finishing industries to fit any machine setups, hand-fed or automatic, along with any stripping requirements.  We can also design and produce samples on site, with our CAD and Plotting machine should you require them.  All POS formes are catered for including FSDU/CDU/Dumpbins & Standees.

Our skill set enables us to supply kiss cut tools in all rule heights. Paying particular attention to the joining of all rules along with the squareness of bends.  We also offer dual height kiss cutting formes enabling the user to final cut and kiss cut a product at the same time.

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